This information is extremely important and must be read prior to departure.
For your safety and security, please understand the following information.

  1. About Driving
    Among campers, cab-cons (truck-based) in particular are very susceptible to wind, as they are similar to trucks with covers that are not loaded with cargo. On highways, even a large vehicle passing by on the side of the highway will cause the steering wheel to be taken off the side of the passing truck due to wind pressure. Also, please note that even a gap in a windbreak or a tunnel exit can have the same or greater effect.
    Passengers must sit in their seats while the vehicle is in motion and fasten their seat belts in seats that have seat belts.
    Please be careful of sudden steering and braking. Many accidents have been reported, especially at highway exits, where drivers are paralyzed by a sense of speed and enter the highway at speeds exceeding the speed limit, causing the vehicle to overturn due to sudden braking and steering.
    The longer overall length of buses and other vehicles allows them to enter the inside of the vehicle more easily than standard vehicles when turning right or left, which can cause them to roll over pedestrians, guardrails, and curbs.
    Also, please be careful about the height. Not only tunnels and roofs, but also street trees, traffic signs, and in some rural areas, electric wires may be covered.
  2. Parking and sleeping
    Parking is strictly prohibited in no-parking areas. Please strictly observe the rules that apply depending on where you park when staying overnight in your car. In particular, highway SA/PAs and roadside stations are parking lots, not campgrounds. Recently, there have been cases of people placing chairs and tables in parking lots without following the rules, or leaving their engines running at night even though it is prohibited to do so. Please continue to follow the rules so that you can use your campervan comfortably.
  3. About Power Supplies
    Although 100 V outlets may be installed and used in some vehicles, as a rule, they are for charging cell phones, computers, game consoles, and for lighting, and electrical appliances with high power consumption cannot be used. The battery in the car is limited. Some car models are designed to be connected to an external charging outlet. (Please check with our staff for details as they vary depending on the car model.) Some car models can be recharged while driving, but the battery will not recover sufficiently if the daily driving distance is short, for example. Solar-powered cars may not be able to recharge depending on weather conditions. If you want to use various electrical appliances reliably, please use an RV park or auto campground with a power supply, connect an external battery charger, or bring your own generator (rental equipment is also available).
    Please note that using high voltage devices will damage the fuse of the on-board inverter, resulting in repair costs.
  4. For long periods of time, etc.
    In addition to periodic inspections, each vehicle is inspected prior to rental. However, for longer periods of use (generally 5 days or more) or if you feel any discomfort, we ask that you perform daily inspections such as tire pressure checks, visual checks, and lamp checks for your own safety. Due to the nature of campervans in particular, problems such as flat tires can occur if the side of the tire is scraped or if a foreign object is stepped on while driving. Please be aware that flat tires, etc., must be handled by the customer. (We strongly recommend that you join JAF! They will deal with both your own car and rental cars.)

Precautions while using a campervan

  1. Vehicle height is approximately 3 m depending on the type of vehicle. Please be careful to avoid contact with signs, billboards, and trees as well as parking lot entrances and exits, overpasses, and overhead wires.
  2. The width of the vehicle is wider in the rear compartment than in the driver's compartment, depending on the vehicle model.
  3. In addition to the main key, there are multiple keys for each door, etc., depending on the car model. Some keys cannot be duplicated, and if lost, the entire unit will need to be replaced. In this case, you will be charged for the replacement cost. Please be aware of this.
  4. Each vehicle has its own facilities and equipment. Please confirm the operation method before use. Forced operation will not only cause malfunctions, but may also result in accidents.
  5. Please be sure to check the oil type of your vehicle. Please be careful not to make a mistake in refueling.
  6. No shoes are allowed in the living area except for the steps. In the case of using the room with soil feet, a cleaning fee of 50,000 yen will be charged separately for 2 days of non-operating expenses.
  7. Pets are allowed to ride in the car only if you apply for the option in advance. In the event that a pet is allowed to ride without permission, a special cleaning fee of 100,000 yen will be charged regardless of whether the pet is soiled or not.
  8. Smoking is prohibited in all rental vehicles. Electronic cigarettes such as Icos are also prohibited. The use of oil, any odor that lingers in the vehicle, and the burning of incense are also prohibited. In the unlikely event of a prohibited act, the passenger will be charged a special cleaning fee of 100,000 yen, plus the actual cost of work by a deodorization specialist.
  9. Minors and those who have been licensed to drive for less than 5 years are not allowed to drive the loaned vehicles.
  10. Driving by anyone other than the person who presented his/her driver's license as the driver at the time of the loan procedure is prohibited.
  11. During the rental period, one customer vehicle will be checked in for each rental vehicle. (At the Utsunuki BASE branch, more than one vehicle can be checked in. 1,000 yen per vehicle will be charged for the second and subsequent vehicles. Please ask at the time of reservation.) However, we are not responsible for any accidents, theft, tampering, etc. during this period.
  12. Please check the standard equipment of the vehicle and prepare the necessary items for the itinerary by yourself. There are a limited number of rental and sales items available. Please make reservations as far in advance as possible.
  13. Payment must be made in full by the designated date. We do not accept any after-the-fact payments.
  14. The routes shown in the navigation system are for reference only. We are not responsible for any damage caused by differences in route display, time display, etc. Map software may not be the latest version.
  15. The drive recorder is not guaranteed to record video in all circumstances. We are not responsible for any damage caused by malfunction or use of the drive recorder, or damage or corruption of recorded images or data. The drive recorder is not guaranteed to be effective as evidence of an accident.
  16. Please contact the store as soon as possible if you plan to return the car beyond the scheduled return time. In addition, an hourly extension fee will be charged for any circumstances (including accidents, traffic congestion, breakdowns, etc.) that occur after the scheduled return time. Please pay the fee at the time of return. In the unlikely event that the return is made after our last available time (18:00), the vehicle will be returned after our opening time on the next business day, and an hourly extension fee will be charged up to that point. This is a very expensive charge, so please allow plenty of time for your return.
  17. Although we provide a minimum interval of 2 hours before the next user, in the unlikely event that a delay in return affects the next user, we will charge a maximum of 150,000 yen as a business compensation fee.
  18. All occupants must be seated while the vehicle is in motion, and seatbelts must be fastened in seats with seatbelts.
  19. It is prohibited to allow unspecified persons to ride in the vehicle, to use the vehicle for transporting luggage, or to use the vehicle for illegal activities.
  20. If you damage or malfunction the vehicle, facilities or equipment, please be sure to report the malfunction at the time it occurs. You will only be charged for the repair cost. If you fail to report the incident and it is discovered by us, you will be charged 100,000 yen for business compensation in addition to the repair cost, and the incident will be reported to the rental car association or organization.
  21. In the event of an accident, the first priority is to save lives, so please contact emergency services, the police, your insurance company, and our company as soon as possible. Please be sure to contact the police and our company even if you are alone or the accident seems to be of no importance. Failure to do so may result in the loss of insurance coverage. In addition, after an accident, you are obligated to return the car to the rental store by the end of the day. Continued use after an accident is not allowed. We will not refund the remaining days of the rental period. Please understand this beforehand.
  22. In the event of an accident, priority will be given to the use of the user's automobile insurance policy. (Please make sure that your insurance policy includes a special clause for driving another vehicle (market value).
  23. Although the vehicles and equipment are inspected prior to rental, defects may occur during the rental period. In the event of a problem with the vehicle, please bring the vehicle to the nearest dealer. Please note that, in principle, equipment problems that do not interfere with driving will be taken care of after the vehicle is returned. For any inconvenience caused by vehicle defects, depending on the situation, we will compensate up to the full amount of the rental fee, from the next discount coupon up to the full rental fee. For equipment failure, we will compensate you with a discount coupon of 10-30% of the next rental fee, depending on the extent of the problem. Please understand that we will not be held liable for any compensation for any inconvenience caused.
  24. There may be some defects in the vehicle or equipment due to a previous loan of a vehicle. In the case of a defect related to the vehicle's operation, the vehicle will be reassigned to another vehicle. In the case of a defect in the vehicle or equipment that does not interfere with driving, we will compensate for the defect with a discount coupon for the next visit as in the previous section. Please understand that we will not be able to compensate you for any other vehicle.
  25. All repair costs related to damage to the rented vehicle are the responsibility of the user. Our insurance policy only covers unlimited bodily injury to persons and property and up to 30 million yen for passengers, and does not cover any repairs to the rented vehicle. In the event of a total loss of the vehicle, you may be responsible for more than 10 million yen. (Please make sure that your insurance policy includes a special clause for driving other vehicles (market value).
  26. Please be careful not to forget to lock each door. Doors can open while the vehicle is in motion, causing an unexpected accident.
  27. If you receive a traffic citation during the rental period, you are responsible for dealing with the citation. In the unlikely event that you receive a citation, please be sure to inform us. Some violations may be notified to the vehicle owner at a later date. In such cases, the owner of the vehicle will be responsible for handling the violation.
  28. If you are staying in your car, it is very dangerous on the road. Parking on private property without permission is punishable by trespassing. Also, some pay parking lots and roadside stations prohibit overnight stays in cars.
  29. Please do not leave any garbage in the car when you return it. (We charge 200 yen per 20L bag for disposal.)
  30. If you return the rental equipment earlier than the contract period, the unused period will not be refunded. (However, if the rental period is longer than 10 days and the rental period is returned more than 3 days early, half of the unused period will be refunded) *Not applicable for campaign or discount rates.
  31. Fuel consumption must be at least 1/2. If less than 1/2, you will be charged for the meter reading. Please return after refueling.
  32. In the event of a parking violation, please report to the designated police station to follow the prescribed procedures for abandoned parking violations and pay the fine.
    Please bring the "Traffic Violation Notice" and the "Payment Receipt" with the receipt date when you return the camper. If we are unable to confirm the above, we will ask you to prepare a "written acknowledgment" of the parking violation, and at the same time, we will ask you to pay a parking penalty of 30,000 yen upon return of the camper. If you bring the "Traffic Violation Notice" and the "Payment Receipt," we will refund the money except for the processing fee of 3,000 yen.
  33. We may use the vehicle location system we have installed in each vehicle only under special circumstances, such as when there is a significant delay in returning the vehicle without notification, when there is a threat of criminal use, or when a search is requested by the user's relatives or the police.
  34. We are not responsible for keeping your belongings after you return your camper. Please make sure to check by yourself.
  35. We will take strict action, including legal proceedings, against malicious users who do not follow the precautions, laws and regulations, and common sense, and will register the information with our member organizations and associations.
  36. We will not use personal information for any purpose other than those related to this matter. However, we may disclose personal information as necessary in the event that we are required to do so by legal instructions.

Insurance and Compensation

The following insurance is included when you rent a campervan from us. The insurance coverage is as follows Bodily injury: 30 million yen per person

  • In the event of an accident, we will give priority to the voluntary insurance policy that you have subscribed to. (The purpose of our insurance is to cover any shortfall to the other party who incurred the damage.)
  • Please note that insurance will not cover the following
    1. If a person other than the person registered as a driver with the Company drives the vehicle during the rental period
    2. If an accident is not immediately reported to the police or our company at the time of the accident (when there is no proof of the accident) (this includes cases where the accident is settled with the other party on its own).
    3. For accidents involving unlicensed driving, drunken driving, drug use, dangerous driving, or other illegal activities (based on insurance company standards)
    4. Exceeding the rental period or negligence on the part of the customer in use or management
    5. Intentional erasure of drive recorder data
  • Please note that all costs related to the repair of loaned vehicles are the responsibility of the user.
    Please make sure that you have a "special clause for driving another vehicle (market value)" in your voluntary insurance policy.
    If you do not have voluntary insurance and you have a family policy, please check with your primary insurer in advance to ensure that you have adequate coverage. In the event of total loss due to severe damage such as overturn, the insured will be responsible for around 10 million yen depending on the vehicle. Please note that insurance does not cover damage to the vehicle's equipment.
  • Flat tires and broken glass caused by flying rocks during the rental period are the responsibility of the user.
  • Any damage caused by tampering or hit-and-run by an unknown party during the rental period will also be the responsibility of the user.
  • The above insurance covers the other party and passengers in an accident and does not cover the rental vehicle.
    (This is covered if the customer's own automobile insurance policy has a "special clause for driving another vehicle (market value)".
    (If the vehicle is not insured, we recommend that you purchase vehicle insurance (coverage for the market value of the rented vehicle, 200,000 yen deductible) for 3,000 yen per day).
    (Please note that damage to the vehicle's equipment and facilities is not covered by the vehicle's insurance.)

About NOC and others

(NOC = non-operating charge)

In the unlikely event that an accident, theft, or breakdown occurs during the rental period and more than two days are required to repair or clean the vehicle, the following flat amount will be charged as part of the operating compensation for a certain period, regardless of the size of the damage.

If you can return the car by yourself
In case it is not possible to return the car by self-drive
Bangkok Type
150,000 yen
200,000 yen
cab control type
200,000 yen
250,000 yen
bath controller type
250,000 yen
300,000 yen
  • NOC is not covered by insurance. In all cases, users are responsible for their own expenses.
    If the vehicle cannot be returned on its own, towing and other transportation and labor costs will be charged separately.
    If the customer is unable to return the vehicle, even if it is possible to return the vehicle on his/her own, it will be considered as a case where the vehicle cannot be returned on his/her own.
  • All of our vehicles are completely non-smoking vehicles. (This includes the burning of electronic cigarettes such as Icos, cigar incense, and any other activity that generates a generally repulsive odor. In addition, we will report the violation information to the relevant industry organizations.
  • In the event that the repair work takes longer than 5 days, the weekday fee for each vehicle will be charged for the number of days from the 5th day after the accident to the day before the repair work is completed and the vehicle is ready for operation, in addition to the above NOC.
  • In the event of a total loss due to an accident, in addition to the NOC, each vehicle will be charged a weekday fee for the number of days from the 5th day after the accident until the day before the replacement vehicle goes into operation.

Various discounts, including long-term discounts

  1. long-term discount
    If the rental period exceeds 5 days, the following discounts are available
    5+ nights 10%OFF, 10+ nights 20%OFF, 15+ nights 25%OFF, 20+ nights 30%OFF, 30+ nights 40%OFF
    Please contact us if you wish to rent for longer than one month.
  2. We distribute special offers on our website and on line.

Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts. Coupons and discounts granted are valid only for the customer.

Chart of amounts to be reimbursed on return trips outside the fuel allowance

If the remaining fuel level is less than 1/2 regardless of the reason, the following reimbursement amount will be required due to the time and labor required to return to the gas station by our staff. Please be sure to return to the gas station after refueling more than 1/2 of the tank. For the Tabisuru Kuruma Hokkaido branch, please fill up the tank at the designated gas station when you return the car.
Please be careful not to use the wrong type of oil (gasoline or diesel).

Tokyo area Utsunuki BASE main store EAS Takao store*1/2 return (common to all models)

Less than 1/2,1/4 or more
Less than 1/4
7,500 yen
12,000 yen

Please refuel at a gas station within 5 km of our store.

Hokkaido area New Chitose store Memanbetsu Airport, Bihoro Base store *Return a full tank (common to all types of vehicles)

Within 1 memory
Within 2 memories
3,000 yen
7,000 yen
9,000 yen

Please refuel at a designated gas station.

Please do not leave any garbage in the car.
When using sinks, etc., please dispose of wastewater by yourself.
*Special cleaning fee may be charged in case of severe stains or odors.

Please fill up your tank at the designated station when you return your car to the Hokkaido branch of Tabisuru Kuruma.

Precautions for Riding with Pets

  • First of all, please be more careful than you are with your own car to ensure that this is a rental car and can be used comfortably by an unspecified number of people.
  • Please be sure to inform us at the time of reservation if you wish to bring your pet along with you. Optionally, 201 TP4T will be added to the rental vehicle fee (all vehicles are pet-friendly).
  • For the safety of your pet, please make sure to keep your pet in the gauge that you bring with you when you ride.
  • Pets are allowed only if the pet passenger option is registered at the time of rental.
  • If you allow your pet to ride with you without permission, regardless of whether or not there is any damage, you will be charged a special cleaning fee and a non-operation charge, and your membership will be revoked and you will be reported to the member organization or association.
  • The pet boarding option fee is charged as an additional cleaning fee associated with the pet boarding.
  • If the animal is not potty-trained even when the vehicle is stopped, it must be kept in a cage inside the vehicle.
  • Please use a kennel in the car even when the car is stopped if there is a risk of damaging equipment or contaminating the interior of the car, or if there is significant shedding of hair or odor.
  • In the unlikely event that a passenger has left a mess in the car, please clean it up as soon as possible to minimize damage. Also, please report this to our staff upon your return. If the user has cleaned up the mess properly, no additional fee will be charged. However, if there is any stain or odor remaining, a special cleaning fee may be charged.
  • If for any reason the interior of the vehicle is defaced or equipment is damaged during the rental period, please be sure to report this to our staff by the time you return the vehicle. You will only be charged for additional cleaning or repair costs. In the unlikely event that you fail to report the incident and we discover it, you will be charged a business compensation fee of 100,000 yen in addition to cleaning and repair costs, and the incident will be reported to the industry group or association and handled in strict confidence.
  • If the damage is so severe that it takes time to clean or repair the damage, and the next reservation will be affected, the client will be charged NOC and the actual cost of the damage to our company. In the event that the closure exceeds 7 days, a business compensation fee will be charged in addition to the NOC.
  • In principle, the maximum number of pets allowed is two cats or small dogs and one medium or large dog, and they must carry a cage.
  • Even if they do not have problems in a regular passenger car, they often vomit or have diarrhea in a camper due to differences in the environment, smells, and the way the car shakes. In many cases, the animals become sick by being allowed to roam freely in the car, and they often feel better in a cage, where they are more stable. Also, take frequent breaks and let them breathe fresh air.
  • Do not place pets on the bed section (including the seat that serves as a bed), banked bed section, sink or shelves.
  • Never connect the leads to the interior or any part of the car body as this will cause malfunction or damage.
  • Storing dirty items in the car for an extended period of time will leave an odor inside the car. Please do your best to avoid bringing such items into the car. If there is an odor upon return, a special cleaning fee will be charged.

Cancellation Charges

Cancellation fee will be charged from the time of reservation. Bank transfer fees for refunds will be charged.
*Cancellations are accepted by phone only. Please note that e-mails, faxes, and after-hours phone calls are not valid.

From the time of reservation
of the total amount used
Up to 60 days in advance
From 59 days to 15 days prior to the start of use
From 14 days to 8 days prior to the start of use
7 days to 3 days before
2 days before The day before
very day

Fee Schedule for Extension in case of Delay

If you miss the scheduled return time, you will be charged the following late fee. Please allow plenty of time for your return. Late fees will be charged for any reason, including but not limited to traffic congestion, road closures, accidents, and physical illness. If you are going to be late, please be sure to call us before the scheduled time to let us know that you will be late. In the unlikely event that you do not contact us by our closing time and exceed the scheduled time, you will return the car after our opening time on the next business day, and you will be charged for the extra time up to that point. (If the scheduled return time is 6:00 p.m. on the same day, but the next day's return time is 10:00 a.m., the delay will be 16 hours.) We will leave at least a 2-hour interval between rentals for the next person, but in the unlikely event that the next person's rental is affected, the actual cost of the damage will also be charged to you.

1 hour delay for members
Light camping/vancon type
3,000 yen
6,000 yen
Cab-con and bus-bus type
5,000 yen
6,000 yen

*A delay of 1 minute to 1 hour will be charged at the rate of 1 hour. 1 hour and 1 minute to 2 hours will be charged at the rate of 2 hours.

Our response in the event that a reserved vehicle becomes unavailable for rental

  • We will proceed with the repair work promptly at our designated factory and make every effort to complete the repair work in time for the day of loan as much as possible.
  • In the unlikely event that the vehicle is rented out before it is due to an accident, etc., we will notify you as soon as possible.
  • We will promptly prepare a replacement vehicle and consult with you.
  • We will basically support equivalent vehicles or upgrades.
  • In the unlikely event that we are unable to prepare the reservation, we will promptly inform the customer and promptly return the reservation deposit.
  • If we are not able to provide the vehicle, we may have a cooperating store in the suburbs prepare the vehicle for you.