How to use

Traveling Car Rental Flow

STEP 01Book your desired date

For reservations, please access our website from your smartphone or computer, or call us. (If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.)
When using the coupon, it will be accepted only by phone.
If it is just before one week before use or if it is a very long-term use of 30 days or more, it will be accepted only by phone.

STEP 02Reservation established

The contract will be concluded upon confirmation of the reservation details and payment of the amount indicated in the confirmation e-mail.
Payment is basically due in full at the time of reservation. Some of the billing details may differ depending on each restaurant and the time of year (peak season). Please confirm the details in the "Reservation Confirmation E-mail" you will receive after making a reservation.
If we are unable to confirm payment of the deposit or usage fee by the due date, which we will inform you at the time of reservation procedure, the reservation will be automatically cancelled. If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact us by phone.

STEP 03Contract procedure (same day/advance is also possible)

Please understand and sign the contract documents and loan agreement.
Please check the confirmation items and notes on this site in advance.
Driver's licenses for all prospective drivers are required at the time of rental. (One other certificate is required for the contractor)
As a rule, drivers must have been licensed for 5 years. A parental consent form is required for loans to students.

STEP 04Lecture before lending (about 20 minutes only for the first time)

We will explain the equipment installed in each vehicle.
We will explain the characteristics and precautions for driving each vehicle.
Here are some general notes about parking and sleeping in the car.

STEP 05Enjoy your camper!

When traveling to a new destination for the first time, be sure to refuel early.
In case of trouble or accident, please be sure to contact us as well as the police and fire department. In addition, please abide by the precautions when renting and enjoy.

STEP 06Before returning...

Please return 1/2 or more of the fuel.
Please fill up the tank at the designated station before returning the car.
If you use a drainage tank or sewage tank, please dispose of and clean the tank yourself. (There will be a charge if this is done by our company.)
Please do not leave any personal belongings or valuables in the car.
*After returning the camper, we are not responsible for storing leftover items (forgotten items). Please be sure to check by yourself.

STEP 07return

Check with the person in charge to see if there are any scratches on the vehicle or equipment malfunctions. Please let us know if there is anything unusual, abnormal, or if you have any problems during the rental period. Please sign the necessary documents and fill in any additions, and if there are any payments such as NOC, etc., settle them upon return.

STEP 08When do you want to make your next reservation?

More and more people are making reservations for the next time when they return it.
In particular, the schedule for consecutive holidays and children's holidays fills up early.