For International Travelers

Before making a reservation Check rental terms and conditions

It is posted on our website,How to useinterpoint (interword separation)Notes/Insuranceinterpoint (interword separation)FAQPlease be sure to check the following before applying.

Reservation Request - Reservation Confirmation

We will inform you of the deposit after you register on our website. We only accept bank transfers for deposit. Reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of the deposit.

Preparation Up to a day before lending *Prepare itinerary

We recommend that you decide on your itinerary to some extent and make preparations in advance. Please note that we do not arrange campsites, hotels, or places to eat.

Preliminary preparations Up to the date of loan *Confirmation of safe driving

Please check this article and video in advance. Accidents involving foreign travelers are becoming more frequent these days. Please reaffirm your commitment to safe travel.
For International Travelers
Important Notice to Reservation Holders and Prospective Reservation Holders

New Chitose Airport regarding airport transfers

Shuttle bus service is available from New Chitose Airport to Tabisuru Kuruma New Chitose Branch. Reservations are required. We will inform you about the shuttle bus after confirming your flight information after your vehicle rental reservation is confirmed.
Traveling Car Shin-Chitose Airport shuttle bus service

*Passengers using JR or Intercity Express Bus can also board the bus.


1、Is there an ETC card available for foreigners visiting Japan?

We do not handle ETC for foreign visitors to Japan, such as the Hokkaido Express Pass. Please understand this beforehand.

2, Regarding in-vehicle navigation

In-vehicle navigation system does not support foreign languages. Please use your own smartphone. There is no holder attached. Please bring your own.

3、Can I cook in the car?

Basically, boiling food in the car is prohibited. Heating is allowed. If there is a "lingering odor," you will be charged a separate cleaning fee upon return.

4、Is there a travel limit (mileage)?

We do not have any such restrictions. However, driving at night is strictly prohibited. Deer are proliferating in Hokkaido, and accidents frequently occur. Accidents are especially frequent at night. To prevent accidents, we strictly prohibit night driving.

Traffic Accident Example

1, Driving while operating a smartphone

There have been cases of accidents caused by driving while operating a smartphone. Please be careful. We recommend that you have someone in the front passenger seat to navigate the vehicle.
Under Japan's Road Traffic Law, driving while operating a smartphone is punishable by imprisonment for up to six months or a fine of up to 100,000 yen.

2, Overlooking road signs

Many accidents are caused by missing road signs. Please check this site in advance!

Japanese Traffic Rules