Camper rental night

Feel free to experience staying in a camper!

BBQ, etc. OK & tenting OK in the plot
Power supply available, 24H toilet washroom available
Location:Traveling Car Utsunuki BASE Head Office Vehicle Overnight Facilities

Please bring your driver's license as you will be contracted to rent a car.
You cannot choose the model of car.
If Monday is a national holiday, the rate for the preceding Sunday will be (Friday, Saturday, or before a national holiday).
There is no covered area, so please bring a tarp or other covering for use in the event of rain.
*Service is suspended during high season.

1 night
Friday, Saturday and before national holidays
Bangkok Type
8,000 yen
10,000 yen
cab control type
10,000 yen
12,000 yen
bath controller type
12,000 yen
15,000 yen
Camper rental night
Camper Rental Overnight, Location