• I want to know the amount used.

    Home page→Click on the reservation page→Select the date and vehicle→Select the desired options→Click on details→ Go to reservation (select options)→Rental price is displayed. Please follow this procedure.

  • Payment Method

    Please make a full payment or pay the amount specified by the store by the due date after the reservation is accepted. Some billing details may vary depending on the store and the time of year (peak season).
    Please confirm your reservation in the "Reservation Confirmation E-mail" you receive after making a reservation.
    Please understand this in advance.

  • Can I drive with a normal license?

    Yes, basically, a regular driver's license is required. However, only those who have a large-sized driver's license or those who have experience driving large-sized vehicles and have a semi-junior-sized driver's license are allowed to drive buses of this type. Please check your driver's license for a semi-junior-sized license. Please note that this does not apply to foreign nationals.
    Q, What if a foreigner is driving? Please refer to the following question.

  • What if a foreigner is driving?

    Please send us a copy of your international driver's license or foreign driver's license issued in your country and a copy of your passport by e-mail in advance of the reservation procedure. We will confirm that the documents you have submitted are acceptable when you drive the vehicle of your choice. In addition, we will ask you to present them again at the time of rental.

  • Are there any precautions for driving a camper?

    A camper is a special vehicle. Please be careful not to drive as if you were driving a normal car. We have put together a video of a safe driving course. Please check in advance.
    Click here for a camper safe driving course taught by a professional

  • Can you keep it for me when I visit by car, such as a private car?

    Only 1 car will be reserved. It is free of charge. Additional vehicles vary by store. Please check in advance at the store.

  • What is the expressway toll?

    Regardless of the size of the camper that we rent, normal car rates are OK.

  • Is there an ETC card ready for use by foreign visitors to Japan?

    We do not handle ETC for foreign visitors to Japan, such as the Hokkaido Express Pass. Please understand this beforehand.

  • Will there be a distance charge?

    No distance charges.

  • Is it an automatic car?

    All car models are safe automatic cars.

  • Is it possible for multiple people to drive alternately?

    Yes, it is possible. You will be asked to apply for the loan and provide a copy of your driver's license at the time of loan. However, only those who have had a driver's license for at least 5 years are eligible.

  • Is it a non-smoking car?

    All cars are non-smoking. Electronic cigarettes are also prohibited. If it is found, we will charge the cleaning fee separately.

  • Do you have rental goods available?

    We have a variety of items available. For details, please check the rental goods page. In addition, the number is limited. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Do you have navigation/ETC card equipment?

    Almost all cars are equipped with ETC. Some salon cars (not equipped with ETC) and FP cars (not equipped with navigation system) are not equipped. Please consider the description of all cars.

  • Do you have rental ETC cards?

    There is no preparation.

  • Do you have a rental radar detector?

    There is no preparation. Always follow the legal speed limit.

  • Is the navigation compatible with Bluetooth?

    Some vehicles are compatible, but most vehicles are not compatible.

  • Where should I park and camp/stay overnight?

    We recommend anchoring at an RV park or auto campsite. A roadside station is basically a temporary resting place.
    Etiquette/garbage problem - Click here for a call to strict observance of etiquette

  • Is it okay to leave the air conditioning on even after the engine is turned off?

    As with regular cars, car air conditioning is not available with the engine turned off.
    *FF heaters are available only with the engine turned off.
    *Car models equipped with household air conditioners can only be used by connecting to an external power source.

  • What is FF heater?

    A heating device that uses fuel (gasoline) while the vehicle is running. You can use it without running the engine.

  • What is the difference between a secondary battery and a main battery?

    The camper is equipped with a main battery and a sub-battery.
    ① The main battery is "the battery necessary for driving the car" *Battery also installed in ordinary cars
    (2) You can think of the sub-battery as a "battery that serves as a power source for the living area." Even if the power consumption of the equipment used with the outlet etc. increases and the sub-battery runs out, there is no problem in driving. In addition, all car models can be charged while driving, so it will be automatically charged while driving, and the power will be restored.

Limited to Hokkaido area

  • Is there a shuttle service from the nearest airport to your store?

    Yes, we will pick you up for free.
    Traveling Car New Chitose Pick-up and Drop-off
    Please use the shuttle bus between the airport and our facility at Kotobuki Parking, which is also our facility. It takes about 10 minutes. There are 2 departures per hour. Details will be announced after the reservation is confirmed.
    Click here for Kotobuki Parking
    Pick-up and drop-off service at the Omamanbetsu Airport, Bihoro Branch, and Asahikawa Airport Branch.
    We will operate a pick-up car according to the arrival flight / departure flight. ※By appointment only

  • Is it possible to rent/return at New Chitose Airport/Memanbetsu Airport?

    We do not lend or return at the airport. There are some rental camper companies that say "possible!", but due to guidance from the airport management company, it is strictly prohibited.

  • Is it possible to drop off the car?

    Is possible. However, depending on the rental situation (especially in the high season), we may refuse. The drop-off fee varies depending on the vehicle. For details, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

  • Is it possible to rent/return in other cities in Hokkaido (Sapporo, Asahikawa, Hakodate, etc.)?

    Is possible. As with drop-off, we may refuse depending on the rental situation (especially in high season). The drop-off fee varies depending on the vehicle. For details, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.