[Dear Reservations and Prospective Reservations] Important Notice!

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Thank you very much for your application and inquiry to Traveling Cars.

After the Corona Disaster, the number of tourists and travelers has increased and rental campers are operating smoothly.

In response, there have been a number of accidents involving rental campers and general rental car users!

In particular, there have been many accidents involving overseas travelers in Hokkaido!

Most accidents are caused by ignoring a stop sign! Rear-end collision with a stopped vehicle!


As for the most common "ignoring a stop sign", missing a road sign! Difference in signs! *Overseas travelers

Please watch this video to reconfirm!

2023 Traveling Car New Chitose Accident Cases *Two fender-benders

Accident location: (1) Sapporo City (2) Asahikawa City * Areas with heavy traffic

[ Common ]

*Time of accident: evening *This is a rear-end collision with a stopped vehicle! *An accident involving an overseas traveler! *An accident in a high-traffic area!

[ Post-accident ]

*Trip cannot be continued, towed back to our company *Non-operation (NOC) coverage

Regardless of the size of the accident, the vehicle must be returned to our store after the accident. *If the vehicle cannot be driven, it will be towed.

After that, vehicle rentals will be refused and procedures regarding non-operation, etc. will be taken in accordance with the rental terms and conditions.


The camper is a special type of vehicle! It is a special type of vehicle! It is different from a regular vehicle!

Please be reminded of this point and drive safely!


[Before using or applying for the service]


Please reconfirm! Please reconfirm, especially regarding non-operations!

 [ regarding campervan travel ]

Please watch this video in advance to confirm the driving precautions!

We aim for an "accident-free campervan life" at Traveling Cars!

Thank you for your continued support.

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