NO MORE Accidents! Hokkaido Rent-a-Car "Tokachi-type Accident" Report

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We have had many customers this year as the Corona Disaster has come to an end. Thank you very much.

However, traffic accidents have also been more frequent than usual.

At Traveling Cars, we continue to carry out our daily rental operations with the goal of "Zero Traffic Accidents!

We will remind you again and explain the situation at the time of lending.

We appreciate your understanding.

Items to be reconfirmed at the time of lending

(1) Be careful not to drive too fast!

*Camping car is a special type of vehicle! It is nearly 3m high, and is incomparably more difficult to drive than a regular passenger car! Oncoming and overtaking large vehicles...wind pressure will cause the campig car to sway momentarily. Always drive with a firm grip on the steering wheel.

(2) When it is particularly rainy and windy! If you find it difficult, please stop at a safe place (roadside station, PA, etc.) and wait until the rain and wind stop!

*Please check weather information at all times during the rental period. Especially "weather information for the next day!" If bad weather is predicted for the planned location, please reschedule!

(3) Avoid driving at night!

*In general, accidents are more likely to occur at night! Additionally, "collisions with deer" are more common at night in Hokkaido. If a 3-meter-high camper collides with a deer, it may "overturn"! This can lead to a major accident! Please do not attempt to cross mountain passes at night!

(4) Vigilance against Tokachi-type accidents!

Accidents are common in the Tokachi area of Hokkaido, Japan! There are many roads without "stop signs" for several kilometers on public roads. You are driving on the highway! This illusion has led to many accidents.

*This photo was clipped from the installed DRA RECO video.

[Accident] August, early morning at 06:00

[Cause of accident: Rear-end collision caused by ignoring a stop sign on the side of our rental camper. 

[Injuries ] Two of the four passengers in the car suffered minor injuries due to the impact.

[ Vehicle ] Both the rental camper and the other party's vehicle were treated as total loss.

This is an actual video of our rental vehicle!

Warning! 250 meters ahead, there is a stop sign!

Warning! 150 meters ahead, there is a stop sign!

3) "Stop! Indication

(4) Unable to stop! Contact with oncoming vehicle → camper goes straight to farmland

(5) Camper after accident

(6) Other party's vehicle


Accidents often occur on the last day.

We hope that you will enjoy your "Traveling Car" after having prepared a "relaxed plan" and "knowledge of safe campervan driving" in advance.

If you turn on "subtitles" on YouTube, you will see English subtitles.

YouTube videoRental Camper Style TV 

There is a lot more information in the channel that will help you when renting a camper.

Please take a look!

Rental Camper Net  Operation IBILL Corporation Video


Thank you for your continued support of "Traveling Cars".

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