Hokkaido Camping Car Travel Recommendations [Betsukai Town, East Hokkaido] 12/3 16:00- Aired on TV Tokyo's "Traveling with a Light Camping Car! Traveling Car", TV Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.


Traveling Car It takes a little more than 2 hours from the base in Bihoro and the airport in Memanbetsu, and about 5 hours from Shin-Chitose.

Located in the easternmost part of Hokkaido, it faces the Okhotsk Sea across the Notsuke Waterway to the east.the Northern TerritoriesA town with a view of the Abundant seafood! Dairy farming is also the best in Japan!

This time, #12/3 16:00- TV Tokyo, "Traveling by light can! Traveling Cars", a map of a town that is not well known to the public. Camping meals using local ingredients and overnight campsites and RV parks are also introduced!

It is close to the popular spot "Shiretoko" and is a recommended spot for campervan Hokkaido travel ... East Hokkaido.

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Recipes for camp meals using Betsukai's specialties are also included!

The vehicle used for the # location was provided by JP STAR HAPPY1 + JP STAR Hokkaido Bears Branch.



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