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[ regarding reservation procedures ]

Reservation SitePlease note that we only accept applications from We will send you an e-mail within 2 days after your application. Please check it before proceeding.

(1) Before confirming your reservation, we will send you an e-mail to confirm your driver's license and traffic rules in Japan, including road signs. Please note that we do not rent to people in Asia or similar areas for winter driving. For other regions, we will conduct a hearing and then complete the rental procedures!

(2) We will then confirm the reservation details and inform you of the advance payment.

(3) The deadline is 5 days after the email is sent. If you do not follow the procedure or do not receive a reply email, your order will be automatically cancelled. Please understand this in advance! Recently, there have been many cases where we are unable to contact you after you have made a reservation on our reservation site. Please be careful!

Recently, there have been many accidents involving foreign travelers in rental cars.

In the Hokkaido area, the number of accidents involving foreign rental car users is the largest ever!There have been a number of major accidents. The number of accidents involving foreigners renting cars in Japan! in Japan is also becoming a problem!Please use this site only after you understand the terms and conditions of use!

After the rental procedure, our staff will ride with you to check safety signs and conduct other "driving tests". If we determine that the vehicle cannot be rented, we will not rent the vehicle! we will not be able to rent the vehicle. We will cancel the loan and the payment will be treated as a cancellation. Please understand this beforehand.


(1) "Stop Table"registered" kanji radical (radical 96)

Stop sign in Japan! Other notes on traffic signs!

[Foreign Car Rental Accidents] Subtitled in English

02:10 With comments from Traveling Cars New Chitose

04:07 Traveling Car New Chitose with images provided by

[Did you miss the "Stop" sign? Foreigner's rental car accident...] Subtitled in English


[ Foreign travelers, stop! Ignore the stop sign... ] Subtitled in English


(2) "Drunk driving strictly prohibited."

Drunk driving is one of the causes of major accidents!

Please do not engage in this type of behavior! Penalties are severe and rental car insurance will not cover it!

[Calling on foreign visitors to Japan to be careful when driving under the influence of alcohol...]


In addition, there are many violations of good manners in the use of camper vehicles!

In some cases, the loan could not be made due to obstacles in lending to the next.

(1) "No shoes allowed in the room."

All vehicles are the same! Please prepare slippers, etc. in advance.

Dirt on the floor and bed space is caused by entering the room with dirt!

If this is discovered during the inspection upon return, a special cleaning fee will be charged separately.

Subject to non-operation charge!

(2) "No Smoking"


All vehicles are the same! Include incense and other items that emit smoke.

According to Japanese etiquette, smoking outside of designated areas is strictly prohibited!

In some cases, non-smokers have canceled trips because they became sick from the smell of cigarettes in the previously rented vehicle.

Please be careful!

If this is discovered during the inspection upon return, a special cleaning fee will be charged separately.

Subject to non-operation charge!

3) "Residual odor in refrigerator!"

Preserving seafood, in particular, produces a lingering odor!

Long-term storage of seafood → residual odor can lead to food poisoning!

Please be careful for the next user!

If this is discovered during the inspection upon return, a special cleaning fee will be charged separately.

Subject to non-operation charge!


[ Notes before applying for a traveling car].

Notes/Insurance / Frequently Asked Questions /

How to use

Please be sure to check these three points before applying.

Campers are special class vehicles.Please be sure to watch this video in advance.

If you turn on "subtitles" on YouTube, you will see English subtitles.

NOC (Non Operating Charge)Please check again regarding

(NOC = non-operating charge)

In the unlikely event that an accident, theft, or breakdown occurs during the rental period and more than two days are required to repair or clean the vehicle, the following flat amount will be charged as part of the operating compensation for a certain period, regardless of the size of the damage.

Please be very careful when driving. We will check with you again upon your arrival at our company regarding safe driving.

In the event of an accident, we will respond in accordance with our rental agreement. Please understand this beforehand.

*In some cases, excessive dirt and lingering odors in the room were also subject to NOC. Please be careful.


Foreign travelers are required to pay a flat rate of ¥100,000 for each rental.

Please understand this in advance!


We do not make arrangements for campsites, hotels, places to eat, etc. Please make these arrangements at your own risk.

Please note that there is no preferential expressway pass for foreign visitors to Japan at this time. Please understand this in advance.

[Foreign visitors only] Hokkaido Expressway Pass 


Thank you for your continued support of "Traveling Cars".

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