Rental Camping Car "The Shortest Route to Shiretoko" Wedding Photo "B Wedding" Traveling Cars Introduction of the Bihoro Branch at Memanbetsu Airport and Bihoro Branch

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15 minutes drive from Memanbetsu Airport, a sightseeing base in East Hokkaido.

Traveling Cars: "Rental Camper East Hokkaido Trip" starting from Memanbetsu Airport and Bihoro Branch

The CG565, a popular vehicle with a low center of gravity and stability among cab-cons, and one new light cab-consumer vehicle are scheduled to be introduced this year! *Open to the public in early March.


Since last year, Tabisuru Kuruma, at the Memanbetsu Airport and Bihoro branches, has been offering the popular Hokkaido Wedding Photo Plan as an option.

"B Wedding".+ "HM" by rental camper

During the shoot, the camper is used as a waiting room and make-up room. After the shoot, honeymoon in a rental camper in vast Hokkaido.

Bihoro Pass, which is said to have the best view in Japan, Bihoro Museum surrounded by greenery, and Bihoro Station with its retro atmosphere,Professional photographers will capture your private photo wedding in the unique scenery of Bihoro Town.The campervan was used for both transportation and preparation during the shoot!

Location: Bihoro Town, Abashiri County, Hokkaido Photographer:Keisuke Hayata

Rental Camping Car: Tabisuru Kuruma, Memanbetsu Airport, Bihoro Tabisuru Kuruma, Shin-Chitose

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Many of our customers visited us last year. The most popular season is from June to early July!

For reservations and inquiries, please contact us as soon as possible!


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Tabisuru Kuruma Memanbetsu Airport, Bihoro Base 0152-72-4141

Tabisuru Kuruma Hokkaido Reception Center (Tabisuru Kuruma Shin-Chitose) 090-6281-7376

B Wedding Active Management Co. 0152-77-3660


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