Recommended Spots for Camping Car Travel in Hokkaido [Tomamu Furano - Biei Area].


[Tomamu, Furano, Biei, Asahikawa area].

We will list recommended locations in the area.

* All videos and photos used were taken by the Traveling Car New Chitose staff.

1. Let's go see the sea of clouds!

(i)Tomamu Unkai Terrace - Hoshino Resort

This is a popular spot about 2 hours from Chitose. You can take the gondola to the top of the mountain and see the "sea of clouds" when weather conditions are favorable. Forecast: 30% or below: △ 30%-50%◯ 50% or above: ◎


(2)Tokachidake Onsen Entrance to the trailhead - Ryounkaku

This is a cloud sea spot located in Kamifurano Town. It is a little-known place! Hinode Auto Campsite is the nearest spot to stay in a car. Ryounkaku (day trip available) hot spring is also a "hole-in-the-wall" spot! It is a high quality mall hot spring (Bijinyu hot spring), and we highly recommend it.

2・Recommended spots to stay in a car

(i)Hoshi ni Tegatteiru Oka Campsite

This campground is located in Nakafurano Town. Overnight stay in a car is also available. Sheep are also grazing on the vast grounds, so you can "enjoy nature! At night, "star gazing" is possible depending on the weather!At the restaurant, Genghis Khan was listed in the 2012 Michelin Guide!

Advance reservation is required due to the popularity of this spot!

(2)Hinode Park Auto Camp Ground

This campground is located in Kamifurano Town. It is a popular campground located near popular Furano spots such as Tomita Farm. Reservations are required for this campground as well.

(iii)Kanayama Lake Campsite

This campground is located in Minamifurano Town. The campground is located overlooking the lake, where you can enjoy nature. Various nature tours such as SUP on the lake are available. *Please check with the facility for details and fees.

3. Recommended Spots

(i)Farm Tomita

Farm Tomita in Nakafurano Town. A spot visited by many tourists. During the summer, the surrounding roads and parking lots are very crowded. Campers are recommended to wait in front of the parking lot before the opening time, take a rest in your car, and enter the site. The most beautiful lavender season is from early to mid-July. Farm Tomita also has lavenders in bloom at other times of the year. *This video was shot in the fall.

(2)blue pond   

Aoi Ike, Biei-cho. Like Farm Tomita, it is a very crowded tourist attraction. We recommend that you enter early in the day. The busiest time is around noon. The surrounding roads are also congested at this time. Please be careful!

(iii) Biei Sengo Head Office

Biei Seisenkatsu directly sells local products mainly produced in Biei. One of the popular products, "Biei Yumechikara Bread

It is chewy and delicious! It also lasts for a long time! This product is sold in limited quantities per day. We recommend that you go to the store before opening time (10:00-) and stand in line to purchase.

Fresh vegetables, and asamogi vegetables are available in abundance. Prices are reasonable. We recommend this as a place to purchase food for camper car meals.


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